Bathroom Supplies

New section of vector drawings

Bathroom Supplies CAD drawings

One of the most useful bathroom sets. Here you will find everything that you can fill your project with.

Each CAD block in this collection has a fill, so you can move objects to the front or back without disturbing their shape. This feature will be especially useful for AutoCAD scenes.

You can also use these vector drawings for other purposes. The file is in DWG format and is compatible with a wide range of software.

What’s inside?

The main contents of this set are CAD drawings of cleaning detergents, cosmetics, body care products. Also, this collection contains items for shaving and haircuts, bath accessories, towels, napkins and everything that you can see in the main image.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest salwa
    29 March 2022 21:38
    Amazing drawings! Could you please i need the CAD file