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Do you have such a problem that you have nothing to fill your office, restroom or workshop in your drawing? Now it's solved! Items of this CAD collection are perfect for drawings of these premises, even if you do not plan to equip a music studio or a sewing workshop there.

What’s inside?

After purchasing this AutoCAD file, you will become the owner of a truly large CAD library containing popular interior items: wall and table clocks, table lamps. Inside the DWG file, you will also find computer and office equipment: monitors, system units, printers and copiers. The scene also contains a large collection of blocks, thanks to which you can fill cabinets and shelves in your drawings: stacks of books, cases for pencils and pens, folders, calendars, a globe, flowers in glasses and vases, cups, bottles. And that is not all! This file even contains a set of carpentry tools, chairs and office chairs, and much more, as you can see in the image above.

Thank you for appreciating the quality of our content and purchasing files regularly! Also, you can look for other Megapacks on our website, which will be enough to fill 90% of your premises with unique CAD blocks.

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