Office Workers Plan

Office Workers Plan CAD drawings

By popular demand, we have prepared two very valuable and high-quality DWG sets of office staff in plan and in side view.

Drawing each person takes a long time, and our designers spend tens of hours to create a whole collection of people. We care for your time and offer to purchase our ready-made sets just for $ 12. We are sure that these libraries will be often useful to you in your projects and works. All the AutoCAD blocks in this set are unique and different from each other, which will allow you to quickly and easily build a scene without the feeling of déjà vu. This library contains people of the following professions: secretaries, heads, programmers, managers. Many elements are drawn in the smallest details, be it a hand watch, office equipment, desktop computers and laptops.

After purchasing this file, you will receive not only blocks of people, but also the whole office furniture in plan as it is displayed on the main image.

We also suggest you to look at another set with similar CAD blocks of people, but in a side view - Office Workers Elevation

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  1. CAD User
    hakthe duck
    19 September 2020 19:20
    It is perfect
  2. CAD User
    20 July 2020 10:31
    Very helpful and good to see its free
  3. CAD User
    Guest JONATHAN
    2 May 2020 15:38
    Thanks. Very useful, appreciated if it was free