Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Furniture free CAD drawings

The free DWG file featuring office desks, chairs and office equipment in plan view. By downloading this AutoCAD file, you will receive the big nice furniture set for your best works and projects.

To work with the AutoCAD blocks on offer, we recommend you use AutoCAD 2007 and later. If using an earlier version of AutoCAD, you may experience issues with file compatibility.

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  1. CAD User
    30 May 2019 21:29
    How do I scale down the image that transfers so large into my drawing?
  2. CAD User
    Rob Israel
    23 May 2019 15:06
    Saves a lot of time
  3. CAD User
    Rob Israel
    23 May 2019 15:05
    Extremely useful and timesaving
  4. CAD User
    krupali chauhan
    17 May 2019 21:10
    Please send outdoor furniture free 2d cad blocks
  5. CAD User
    12 May 2019 12:02
    Blocks are very nice
  6. CAD User
    6 May 2019 14:03
    Hi to all.. Nice to be here
  7. CAD User
    10 January 2019 18:30
    Muy buenos archivos!
  8. CAD User
    Mateen autocad
    31 December 2018 07:45
    Hello, my name is Mateen and im a student