Living room furniture

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Living room furniture free CAD drawings

Furniture for Living rooms in plan and elevation view. Sofas, carpets, armchairs, tables, cushions, pillows.

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  1. CAD User
    Nathan Williams
    31 January 2022 19:50
    Thank you! This helped me to complete my internal assessment
  2. CAD User
    Mary Ann
    7 October 2020 16:46
    If there's any way you can provide the units they were drawn in so users can scale them to an accurate size (to inches and feet) that would be wonderful!
    1. CAD User
      8 October 2020 17:22
      All our CAD models are presented in metric units.
  3. CAD User
    27 August 2020 23:39
    Thank you so much - from a CAD novice learning from others.
  4. CAD User
    29 May 2020 11:22
    Thank you so much for the generosity!
  5. CAD User
    21 February 2020 14:18
  6. CAD User
    8 November 2019 10:54
    Thank you very much for the blocks.
    Love them so much!
  7. CAD User
    Amitava Sengupta
    12 October 2019 15:20
    So many a Thanks to the people who have taken so much time to help us
  8. CAD User
    neha dere
    6 September 2019 14:38
    Amazing cad blocks. Very helpful.
  9. CAD User
    urvi bhatt
    18 February 2019 11:58
    thank you for updating
  10. CAD User
    21 October 2018 20:48
    Mucho gracias