Living Room Furniture in Plan

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Living Room Furniture in Plan CAD drawings

As a rule, we fill our library with accurate and strict drawings, whether it be furniture or interior elements, but this time we decided to move away from generally accepted standards and created a new unique set of furniture for living rooms in an artistic style. Such a set of furniture will bring originality to any AutoCAD project. Thanks to it, you can fill your plans with unique CAD blocks of furniture you will not find anywhere else.

What is inside?

Sofas of different types, coffee and dining tables, chairs, armchairs, some bar furniture. Also, this DWG file contains several blocks of people, plants, TVs + a cat block (top view) as a gift :)

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  1. CAD User
    27 October 2020 11:19
    Thanks for the blocks available for Autocad 2007
  2. CAD User
    18 October 2020 17:58
    Thanks for the blocks