Construction Workers Top View

Construction Workers Top View CAD drawings

We want to offer you a unique DWG set containing awesome CAD blocks of builders in plan. Our designers worked hard for several weeks to create this AutoCAD file, and now we are happy to share it with you for a fair price. All models in this DWG file have the proper proportions and scale, so they will fit perfectly into any of your scenes even without prior scaling.

Now we want to describe a little what exactly this scene contains, what CAD blocks and situations.

  • - A worker is using a compactor to compact the soil at the construction site
  • - A roof construction specialist is installing a steel frame (aerial view)
  • - A builder is mounting a footpath (sidewalk)
  • - Engineers are studying blueprints
  • - A worker is mounting scaffolding
  • - A road worker is cutting asphalt or concrete with a saw blade
  • - A plumber is mounting a thermostat using an adjustable wrench
  • - A plumber is repairing the sink in the bathroom
  • - Workers are pouring concrete
  • - A worker is carrying a solar panel
  • - A road worker is digging soil with a shovel

By purchasing this file, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the high quality of our blocks! You can also use DWG these models of people for a variety of situations and needs. You can easily edit each CAD block as you wish, as well as add or remove any elements.

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