Bathroom accessories

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Bathroom accessories free CAD drawings

Hand showers, tube with hook, soap savers, a paper dispenser, toilet brushes and holders, bathroom taps, toilet paper holders, towel rings for bathrooms, toothbrush holders. The CAD blocks in front, plan and elevation view.

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  1. CAD User
    David Benjamin
    13 October 2020 18:13
    Convert to inches by typing UNITS command into command line and changing the units from millimeters to inches
  2. CAD User
    13 May 2020 22:29
    Can you tell, how I can convert into inches?
  3. CAD User
    Guest LINA
    5 November 2018 09:30
    Nice Block... Waiting for more Blocks
  4. CAD User
    16 October 2018 17:00
    nice cad blocks keep going :-)
  5. CAD User
    Bhagwan Singh
    11 October 2018 11:41
    Toilet Paper Roll Holder
  6. CAD User
    3 June 2018 15:48
    tab & bathroom appliances
  7. CAD User
    24 April 2018 07:29