Bathroom showers

Bathroom showers free CAD drawings

The free AutoCAD library of showers for bathrooms. Drawings in front, plan and elevation view: Grohe Power and Soul 190, Grohe Rainshower Grandera, Grohe Euphoria Cube 150, Grohe Ondus, Grohe New Tempesta Cosmopolitan, Grohe Euphoria System, Grohe Eurocube System and more. This CAD file was saved in AutoCAD 2000.

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  1. CAD User
    Heivaha Fukofuka
    19 October 2018 01:53
    my email is I already registered
  2. CAD User
    Heivaha Fukofuka
    19 October 2018 01:52
    because I download it and when I open it the drawing is in inch please can you help me
  3. CAD User
    Heivaha Fukofuka
    19 October 2018 01:50
    how can I open the drawing in auto cad and it's in millimeter ???
    1. CAD User
      19 October 2018 12:05
      Unit system of this AutoCAD file is set to metric units
  4. CAD User
    16 October 2018 09:31
    @Muhammad Yousaf

    and how in the nine hells does a muslim shower look like ??
  5. CAD User
    2 October 2018 08:42
    need Muslim shower cad blocks
  6. CAD User
    14 June 2018 13:05
    Hello, Loucas Louca!
    You click on "Download CAD Blocks". Black box on right of objects
  7. CAD User
    Loucas Louca
    14 June 2018 11:41

    can you help please? i am trying to download free blocks and after i click on the file, i come to a standstill. how can i download them?

    thank you

    i have already registered.
  8. CAD User
    7 June 2018 22:10