Bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings free CAD drawings

More than 60 CAD Blocks of bathroom fittings. Sauna cabins in plan, single and double sinks in plan and elevation view, drawings of baths, showers, urinals, toilets.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest Bev
    24 September 2019 18:35
    Thank you so much for the great blocks. Can you tell me how to convert to inches?
  2. CAD User
    21 July 2019 17:29
    Thanks so much, got me out of a pinch!
  3. CAD User
    Sheikh Shaky
    13 May 2019 14:09
    This is different science
  4. CAD User
    12 April 2019 16:57
    Wonderful help from you guys. Keep up the good works. Big thank you