Tesla Full Pack

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Tesla Full Pack CAD drawings

2D models of Tesla car are especially popular on our website and we decided to create a large set that combines all electric car models in one AutoCAD file. 7 CAD models of Tesla for the price of 4! By downloading this DWG file, you will get each car in 4 plans.

Total: blueprints of 7 cars, 28 quality CAD blocks and a great discount! You value our work, and we value your time!

The AutoCAD pack includes:

  • - Tesla Model 3
  • - Tesla Model S
  • - Tesla Model Y
  • - Tesla Roadster
  • - Tesla Model X
  • - Tesla Cybertruck
  • - Tesla Semi Truck

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  1. CAD User
    8 March 2020 20:44
    I was hoping these would be actual wireframes I could convert into a 3D model but they aren't. They are simple 2D vector drawings. The wheel wells aren't complete, they're clipped at the wheels so there's a lot of work needed to reconstruct the actual shapes.
  2. CAD User
    20 February 2020 12:14
    Amazing set! Thanks a lot for the Cad file
  3. CAD User
    Guest David
    5 January 2020 10:27
    This is the most accurate Cybertruck drawing! Thanks for these blocks