Superheroes CAD drawings

This page presents a unique set of popular superheroes from comic books that was created in AutoCAD. After downloading this DWG file, you will receive detailed 2D CAD models of heroes close to real scale relative to each other.

These AutoCAD blocks could be an excellent addition, for example, for the interior of a children's room, kindergartens, children's studios, toy stores, amusement parks etc.

This file contains the following heroes: Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America.

These CAD models are presented in their actual sizes:

  • Iron Man - 1980 mm
  • Hulk - 2290 mm
  • Batman - 1880 mm
  • Wonder Woman - 1830 mm
  • Spider-Man - 1750 mm
  • Captain America - 1880 mm

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