Person Top View

Person Top View CAD drawings

Top quality AutoCAD library of people in plan for your best CAD projects. This CAD file contains: Seated people, AutoCAD blocks of lying people, standing people and other CAD models of people in plan.

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  1. CAD User
    janna pan
    25 September 2019 11:47
    Soooo good...
  2. CAD User
    31 July 2019 16:45
    I really need this!!
  3. CAD User
    Kurshed Alam
    14 May 2019 09:51
    Its really helpful for me.. Thanks
  4. CAD User
    21 July 2018 15:26
    I really need to get these blocks as soon as possible! Help me!
  5. CAD User
    4 November 2017 09:07
    The best models of top view! Thanks!