People from Above

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People from Above CAD drawings

Today we want to present our new, the largest DWG collection of people from above, which contains 90 amazing CAD blocks! We are sure that this AutoCAD library will be useful to you many times for a variety of projects. We could not find anything like this on the Internet, so we set the task for our designers to create something unusual, which is needed by thousands of people around the world. Thank you for appreciating our work and purchasing our content.

What's inside?

This scene contains topics such as sports, work, leisure and hobbies.

  • Leisure: People on sun loungers, on beds, a person in a hammock, a person cooking on a grill, people on sofas, people relaxing in Beanbag Chairs, a swimming person, couples in love, a family playing with children's toys and much more.
  • Sports: a man exercising on uneven bars, a weightlifter, a boxer, people with a ball, a tennis player.
  • Hobbies: a fisherman, a guitar player, an artist, a man with a bike, a man on a motorcycle.
  • Work: gardeners, cleaners, a lawnmower, construction workers and others.

Tags: People top view, Person in plan, From aerial view

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