Library of Sofas & Armchairs

Library of Sofas & Armchairs free CAD drawings

Large library furniture for interiors design. Sofas, armchairs and pouffes in plan and elevation. The free AutoCAD file in DWG format.

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  1. CAD User
    Lakhan Lal (Senior Draughtsman)
    24 July 2018 13:33
  2. CAD User
    Diana S
    15 July 2018 00:17
    Why do these come in at such a large scale? How do you adjust that to appropriate sofa dimensions? Thanks!
    1. CAD User
      15 July 2018 01:52
      We know that some old files have problems, we will soon fix it!
  3. CAD User
    9 May 2018 04:57
    I need block in DWG