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Kitchen Appliance free CAD drawings

Over 30 CAD Blocks of Appliances: microwaves, oven, toaster, blenders, mixers and bread makers.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest Carolina
    3 July 2020 22:59
    Thank you for the blocks, they are great!
  2. CAD User
    29 June 2020 10:41
    Superb creation! All Blocks are very useful.
  3. CAD User
    Guest Ana
    16 January 2020 11:19
    Nice! Do you have air fryer?
  4. CAD User
    12 September 2019 04:59
    Thank you for the blocks, greatly appreciated. Excellent work!
  5. CAD User
    5 March 2019 17:34
    Great blocks, but scale is totally wrong. A toaster is not 3'-4" wide. Easy fix, but surprised the scaling is way off.
  6. CAD User
    2 December 2018 07:27
    Thanks a lot... Excellent work!
  7. CAD User
    21 June 2017 05:09
    Everything is very simple. Just click the "Download CAD blocks" button.
  8. CAD User
    Garth Wurstle
    20 June 2017 22:04
    Trying to use this, so many pop-ups, that take you to other programs. not user-friendly.