Disabled toilet

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Disabled toilet free CAD drawings

Free drawings of toilet for disabled persons in AutoCAD 2004. Drawings in plan, front and elevation view.

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  1. CAD User
    14 October 2020 06:19
    It's really good items. Thank you CEO
  2. CAD User
    Zaw Khine
    23 September 2019 02:32
    What is the measuring unit?
    1. CAD User
      14 May 2020 19:25
      We fixed this DWG file. Now the scale is correct.
  3. CAD User
    1 June 2019 19:51
    What's the scale with these?
  4. CAD User
    gg kULKARNI
    11 December 2018 10:19
    2D toilet block