Disabled people

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Disabled people free CAD drawings

Free AutoCAD drawings, CAD Blocks and details. Drawings of the toilet for disabled person in plan and elevation. The DWG file contains: wheelchairs, blind people.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest Adam
    2 March 2024 14:12
    Hi, how to detach cad blocks from each other? not explode I mean.
  2. CAD User
    Guest Jean
    8 April 2020 21:39
    These blocks are really helpful
  3. CAD User
    6 November 2019 00:22
    Thank you so much, this is great
  4. CAD User
    Ray Ocean
    20 October 2019 20:09
    Excellent Blocks, so easy to download and use
  5. CAD User
    Julian Tucker
    16 August 2019 17:49
    Really appreciated it. Thanks very much.
  6. CAD User
    Traci Habergham
    4 December 2018 11:28
    Thank you, these are great :-)
  7. CAD User
    jitesh chankeshwara
    22 October 2018 21:45
    Thank you very much. these cad blocks are very useful .
  8. CAD User
    19 October 2018 10:44
    thank you for these very useful cad block. GOD bless you always..
  9. CAD User
    Rina Patel
    8 May 2018 19:51
    very useful blocks