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The different DWG models of sinks for kitchens and bathrooms.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest Jason
    4 March 2022 16:44
    Why are they not to scale? What factor do i use to scale them down to the proper size?
  2. CAD User
    Guest Jun
    5 October 2021 05:31
    Thank you very much for this free download. Although I haven't seen the exact type of sink that I need, I can probably modify one of your sinks.
  3. CAD User
    16 March 2020 23:25
    Thank you so much. This saves me a lot of time. Cheers!
  4. CAD User
    30 March 2019 09:47
    Thank you so much!! Its a big help.
  5. CAD User
    10 October 2018 19:23
    Thanks for providing such a complete set of blocks
  6. CAD User
    24 July 2018 13:21
    Very good it can help to my work. Thanks