Plan & Elevation of Industrial Kitchen

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Plan & Elevation of Industrial Kitchen CAD drawings

Equipments of an industrial kitchen for a bar, cafe, restaurant in Autocad. The CAD Blocks of the industrial kitchen in real scale for download for $ 9. Equipment's views: front elevation, top, section.

This AutoCAD file includes the following types of equipment: Food Warmer, Fryerhood, Fryer Electro, Chute, Dispenser, Broilerhood, Base cabinet for coffee-machine, Base cabinet for Beer station, Milk-cooler, Coffee machine, Ice-Cube maker, Dispenser fuer Toppings, Shake-Ice-Machine, Microwave, Toaster Bun Rack Table, Toaster, Bun carts, 1-compartment sink, 3-compartment sink with drainboard, dunnage racks, freezer, Beer keg, Wall shelf, Tower lancer.

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  1. CAD User
    29 February 2024 21:07
    Please email me free AUTOCAD files of Restaurant Equipment such as 1-compartment Dump Sink, Hand Sink (wall mounted and undercounter), Dishwasher (undercounter), Mop Sink (Floor and Wall mounted), 2-compartment sink w/side rack (wall mounted and undercounter), 3-compartment sink w/side rack (wall mounted and undercounter), prep table, all small kitchen appliances. My email address is
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