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Lighting Collection CAD drawings

A library of CAD blocks for elevation views with all kinds of lamps, created for visual and beautiful CAD drawings! You have to admit, there are almost no projects that can do without lighting. After all, this is one of the main things that is shown in the drawings. These details are not just decorative, but the most relevant for working on drawings. We are sure they will help you quickly and visually convey your idea to builders and customers, or simply decorate your project.

What’s inside?

In this AutoCAD collection, there are drawn 2D CAD models of all kinds of lamps that are relevant for elevation views. Ceiling lamps of various types, sconces, chandeliers, pendant lamps, table and floor lamps. In total, this DWG file contains more than 100 AutoCAD blocks.

Created by Margarita Gaiduk for

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