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Thousands of people have expressed words of gratitude to those who take at least minimal participation in filling this online library of CAD blocks. If you're a graphic designer, architect or just a lucky person having quality CAD models, you can upload a file to the cloud and observe how your work becomes popular.

In order to download your DWG file in the database you just need to click on the button "Upload File" link in the upper right corner of the site. Fill in a few fields and become one of the participants of «CAD-Blocks» project.

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Important information!

At the moment, there is no possibility to upload files to our site with their further sale. Upload DWG files that may be useful to others and that you are willing to share for free.

We publish only a small part of the AutoCAD files that users send us. We try to provide our users with only the most valuable and useful content, so each file is subject to strict moderation at our discretion.

By uploading DWG files through this form, you declare that you have rights to this file, and also give us your consent to process and publish this file and related content. Each file that we are ready to publish, is brought to a single style design.

* All content that was not moderated by our specialists is permanently deleted from our servers and it is not stored anywhere else.