Swing Chairs

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Swing Chairs CAD drawings

Here you can purchase a premium furniture library consisting of 9 CAD blocks of swing chairs in front and elevation views. Each CAD model in this file is combined into blocks, which makes them as convenient as possible when importing into your AutoCAD project.

By purchasing this DWG file, you will receive the following types of chairs: Encounter Swing Chair with Stand, Hanging Rattan Swing Chair, Hanging Swing Chair With Cushion, Egg Shaped Swing Chair, Lake City Swing Chair and Sumner Double Swing Chair.

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  1. CAD User
    Guest Dave
    25 February 2020 23:52
    Really cool Autocad design! I'm pleased with the purchase!
  2. CAD User
    27 December 2019 04:19
    How to download furniture in my real life? =)
  3. CAD User
    24 October 2019 12:49
    I can’t download the block!
    1. CAD User
      25 October 2019 10:01
      Hi, Vlada!
      You can't download these CAD blocks because they are paid