Food Set

Food Set CAD drawings

Our designers have prepared a great set of food in plan for AutoCAD and other CAD software for project and layout designers.

We value your time and do painstaking work for you. For only 5$, you can get an excellent AutoCAD library of models here, the creation of which takes tens of hours. This DWG file contains the following CAD blocks of objects: fish dishes, sushi, rolls, snacks, sandwiches, salads, fruits, vegetables, berries, pancakes, croissants and others. This set of blocks is perfect for designing restaurants, hotels, cafes, canteens, for presentations and other purposes!

Tags: Chopsticks, Dishes, Lemons, Fish, Pizza, Cutlery, Cheese, Shrimp, Nuts

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  1. CAD User
    18 November 2019 19:46
    Wow! This CAD collection is perfect! Thanks for the blocks!